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Posted on: March 23, 2008 5:04 am

Cowboys fan or NFL fan??? Braves fan or MLB fan??

i keep hearing how Cowboy fans that dont live in Texas are bandwagoners. I have my reasons for being a Cowboys fan, as do others.  But more than being a Cowboy fan, I am a fan of the NFL. Honestly i'm glad that we dont win the super bowl every year. I like balance, so i have no problem with the Eagles signing Asante Samuel. I like to see hard faught games where you dont know who will win.  While playing i always took time to appriciate the fine litte details (like running lanes, angles, bumps/ holes in the field, smell of the grass before the game ).  So to see a team that wins 16 games isnt exactly my cup of tea, but its nice once a decade i would guess. I find it hard to root just for one team and say i hate all the others.  I follow college football and like to watch the kids go pro and usually follow them on their new teams.  I very seldomly hate teams (Patriots), but when i do it is usually for a short while. Patriots until they fire thier coach. 1995 Steelers are an example of a team i hated because i felt they cheated the Colts out of a Super Bowl, but after 3 years i moved on and got over it. As for rivalries, i hate to lose to a division rival just like most. Which brings me to my question...Is it bad to be more of an NFL fan than just a one Team fan?????? 

I've been called a few things for picking my favorite teams.  Alot of it has come from accessablilty (TV).  I was told that you cant really fully understand what it is like to be a ______(pick a team to fill in the blank) fan until you live in that state and then understand what the communtiy feels. I could disagree anymore. I dont think that just because you live in Phillym that you should root for everything Philly.  If you want to than that great, but you shouldnt be forced to. Is it bad to root for teams outside your homestate or hometown????  I understand that if a team moved to my team i would go watch them play, but not change them to my new favorite team.

My reasoning for being a Anahim Mighty Duck fan is really dumb. I will post why i am a fan of what i am. But it states that i became a fan of them because of the TV series Mighty Ducks that fought evil vilians. I havent seen that show in over 10 years, but as a young kid that molded my opinion. Its little things that make you pick a team. I usually root for teams that have the same kid of personalitly i do. Rays in baseball for an example. They arent my favorite team, but i really enjoy the way they run their team and how they play.

So i'd like to ask those bold ?'s and Why are you a fan of the teams that you are?

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